Fanfiction – Stargate: Atlantis

I fell into the Stargate: Atlantis fandom in 2007, in the depths of my junior year of college, making my debut with Wild Nest, No Prison, an AU with magic and tattoos and stuff. It proved popular enough for me to keep on writing, even now that I’ve fallen out of fandom again.

Canon (More Or Less)

[season 1] Miscommunication. Vocabulary can be tricky. [lj]

[season 1] Fair Warning. Rodney gets what’s coming to him. [lj]

[season 1] A Good Cup of Coffee (Is Hard To Find). Rodney tries to trade away something that doesn’t belong to him. [lj]

[season 1] Stalked. John kisses Rodney, but he really doesn’t want to. [lj]

[seasons 1 & 4] Like Holy Palmers. Kissing Rodney wasn’t the stupidest thing John had ever done, but it was up there on the list. [lj]

[season 1] Iguana Love. Like puppy love, only spikier. [lj]

[season 2] Sweep of the Sea. Ronon and the ocean. [lj]

[season 2] Harmonic. Teyla sings when she’s alone. [lj]

[episode 2.12] Tempt Me Not. There are worse things than remembering. [lj]

[episode 2.12] Illumination. John thinks a lot while he’s supposed to be meditating. [lj]

[episode 2.13] Lines. John stares at his face in the mirror sometimes, wondering how easy it would be to fake being him. [lj]

[episode 2.14] Getting Back On the Horse. Rodney climbs back into the saddle. [lj]

[episode 2.15] In Time I Might Be King. John knows how the story’s supposed to end. [lj]

[episode 2.15] Speculation. It’s like mice: where there’s one…. [lj]

[episode 2.16] Hairline Fractures. A different sort of survivor’s guilt. [lj]

[season 3] Attack of the Killer Cupcakes. John needs to learn that Ronon is always right. [lj]

[season 3] Hi-ho Sneezy, Away! In which John teaches Ronon to ride. More or less. [lj]

[season 3] Elbow on the Floor. In which Rodney is flexible, John falls down, and Lorne keeps his mouth shut. [lj]

[season 3] Last Player Left in the Game. Lorne and Zelenka discuss the events of Elbow on the Floor. [lj]

[season 3] Death and Taxes. In which John and Ronon drink beer and discuss tax forms. [lj]

[season 3] To Move Mountains. Rodney’s lying on the ground, bleeding out. [lj]

[season 3] The Poet Said. Things John knows. [lj]

[season 4] A History of Flight. John, flying. [lj]

[season 4] Pick Yourself Up, Try Again. Sam can hold her own in a fight. [lj]

[season 4] A is For…. There are a lot of ways to die in the Pegasus galaxy. [lj]

[seasons 1 & 4] 5 Times John Sheppard cried [lj]

Fragment of a Satedan Nursery Rhyme [lj]

5 Thing Rodney Would Never, EVER Say, But That He Knows Are True [lj]

5 Things Ronon Doesn’t Talk About [lj]

5 More Things Ronon Doesn’t Talk About [lj]

5 Things Ronon Doesn’t Want Anyone to Know About Him (because he thinks they would never let him live it down) [lj]

5 Times Ronon Hugged Someone (or was hugged) [lj]

5 Things About Sateda [lj]

5 Things About the Athosians [lj]

And I In My Bed Again. 5 times John wished the coin had turned heads instead of tails. [lj]

…But What of a Gentleman? 5 times John Sheppard misunderstood the rule ‘proper conduct befitting an officer’. [lj]

The Adventures of Ronon Dex, Amazing Balloon Artist!

Basic Pinch and Twist. Ronon didn’t make paper airplanes when he was a boy. [lj]

Deep Hook Twist. Some gifts are better when shared. [lj]

Some Days Are Longer Than Others. There’s a balloon animal on Rodney’s desk. And it’s pink. [lj]

5 Gifts Given to Ronon (and 1 he gives) [lj]

Alternate Universes

Entries for gen_drabble. Various fills for the gen_drabble community, some AU, some not.

Five Ways To Go Crazy Without Trying. The title is not joking, folks. [lj]

My Dead Child. John’s world comes to pieces. (AU of the Kingfishers ‘verse) [lj]

A Theory of Parallels. The one where John and Rodney are roommates in college. [lj]

Take 2 Every 4 to 6 Hours. Rodney’s pretty easy to handle, if you know how. John . . . isn’t. (time stamp for A Theory of Parallels) [lj]

Friendship Like an Anchor-stone. Snapshots of life as college roommates. [lj | ao3]

Ripples in a Still Pool. In which the Stargate finally makes an appearance (by proxy) [lj | ao3]

Things Already Seen. John can’t do all this again. (AU of 1.1-2, “Rising”) [lj]

5 People Sumner Wanted to Disbelieve But Couldn’t [lj]

Face Marred By Dust and Sweat. Three conversations that never happen. (AU time-stamp) [lj]

And Bob’s Your Uncle. In which John learns to say No, Atlantis agrees with him, and some other people learn to play cards. [lj]

As Kingfishers Catch Fire

{The one where there’s magic and tattoos}

[John is 8] A Single Dram of Heaven. One bright blue day when John was eight, his father took him up in an old wood-and-cloth biplane, and John almost touched the sky. [lj]

[John is 9] Flights of Fancy. Down, looking up? Or up, looking down? [lj]

[John is 11] John and Dreaming. Just why is John so good at controlling the various virtual worlds he winds up in? A possible answer. [lj]

[John is 12] Thrice-told. These are the stories John’s mother tells him. [lj]

[John is 12] The Drift of Eastern Gray. Ana Sheppard, waiting to die. [lj]

[John is 8, 16, 28] Wing Bones. John has always wished for wings. [lj]

[John is 18, 37, 13] Sharp and Sided Hail. John carries more history on his back than he’s willing to share. [lj]

[John is 10, 37] True Men Can But Try. When he was young, it seemed so very simple. [lj]

[John is 37] The Making of Pies. John brought more with him than just a video tape and a poster. [lj]

[John is 7, 14, 29, 37, 38] 4 Pets John Wished He Could Keep (and 1 he did) [lj]

[John is 38, 28] Wild Nest, No Prison. Not all of John’s scars are scars. [lj]

[John is 38] Leap of Faith. John and Rodney, magic and wings. [lj]

[John is 38] It’s a Long Way Down. Rodney, standing on the balcony. [lj]

[John is 38] I Am Not the Thing I Was. Michael makes a choice. John teaches him card games. [lj]

[John is various ages through 38] Ten Things About John Sheppard (Plus One). Things John doesn’t talk about. [lj]