Original – Poetry

I’ve always been fond of poetry–Emily Dickinson and Gerard Manley Hopkins and Shel Silverstein and T.S. Eliot and Karla Kuskin and too many others to name. But I never tried my hand at writing any, outside of school assignments that got thrown away as soon as they were graded. And then I stumbled across a marvelous little website called Very Bad Poetry and thought, Oh. I could do that. So I did. And then I kept doing it, although the literate world probably wishes I hadn’t.

Reason No. 1 Why This Won’t Work [vbp]
A Plea [vbp | lj]
Reason No. 2 Why This Won’t Work [vbp]

Nautilus Reversed [lj]
Do Not Let This Paralyze You [lj]
Doggerel for the Shortest Day of the Year [lj]

Winter Morning (with Abused Punctuation) [lj]
Only Slight Hyperbole [lj]
Is This a Second Flood? [lj]
Upon Leaving the Dog Alone in the House [lj]
To the Brim [lj]
The End of All Things [lj]
A Ditty [lj]
Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired [lj]
One Nursery Rhyme Too Many [lj]
Warning – Contents Under Pressure [lj]
Sleep-cycle Still Screwed Up [lj]
Holy Week [lj]
Six Day Clock, Wound Once a Week [lj]
Blocked [lj]
Ephemera [lj]
Introvert [lj]
Something Enigmatic [lj]
Insatiable [lj]
Distinguishing Mark [lj]
No Rest [lj]
Farewell to TV Tropes [lj]
Maybe Tomorrow [lj]
The End of August [lj]
A Lingering Question [lj]
End of the Drought [lj]
Lost Inside My Head [lj]
Deadline Met [lj]
Untitled [lj]
Because [lj]
Passersby [lj]
Lazy [lj]

Bleh [lj]
Fly [lj]
Saturday Mornings [lj]
Ash Wednesday and Spring [lj]
Masquerade [lj]
Don’t Touch [lj]
Unspoken [lj]
Coming June
Summer Solstice [lj]
Absence [lj]
In the Gloaming [lj]

Winter Solstice [lj]

Luxury [lj]
New Digs [lj]

It Doesn’t Follow [lj]
Dressing [lj]
Not with thy lips [lj]
Hospitality [lj]
After the Flood [lj]
Harry Takes the Field [lj]