Deep Underground [SPN]

As a kid, Sam had hated the story of Persephone—probably, in retrospect, because he over-identified with her. After all, he too spent his life being shuttled between the “normal”, sunlit world and dank motel rooms or midnight runs (supposedly to improve his ability to navigate in the dark, but he suspected other motivations).

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Car Games [SPN]

Dean could listen to the same 20 tapes on repeat for a month straight without thinking twice about it; Sam, on the other hand, had learned from experience that three days was enough to break him. And Dean was persnickety enough about his music that radio was very hit-or-miss—most stations couldn’t make it past the first commercial break before getting switched off. Hence Sam’s playbook of alternate tactics for preserving his sanity when stuck on the more meandering cross-country drives.

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Down the Chimney [SPN]

Sam’s distrust of fireplaces could be traced pretty directly to a 13-year-old Dean’s rendition of The Three Little Pigs, which had rapidly turned into a thorough and gruesome lesson on siege warfare and how every weakness can be turned into a tactical advantage if you’re sneaky and inventive enough. As an adult, Sam could look back and be impressed by Dean’s innovative pedagogy, but at the age of 9, he’d been so utterly horrified by the idea of unexpectedly boiling to death that he’d taken cold showers for almost a month and refused to eat or drink anything hot enough to produce steam.

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Two in the Bed [SPN]

Sam isn’t scared of thunderstorms, exactly–an angry spirit trying to throttle you while it flings your brother across the room and drops a chandelier on your dad kind of puts a different perspective on the impersonal forces of nature–but when one comes close enough that each peal of thunder rattles the air in his lungs, and then just sits directly overhead for what seems like the entire night….

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Fun With Phonics [SPN]

Most of the motels they stay in are as nondescript as an old shoebox–just finger-smudged white drywall, with a couple faded floral prints in cheap frames that are probably intended to break up the blank monotony but instead just highlight how dingy everything’s become; obnoxious geometric patterns on the bedspreads and dubious stains on carpet last cleaned about the same time Sam started thinking of this kind of dump as ‘home’.

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Rural Life [SGA]

Atlantis culture was not representative of Earth culture, Elizabeth had told Teyla more than once. “Well, really, there is no such thing as ‘Earth culture’,” she added the week before Teyla’s visit there. “Perhaps the best way to think of it is like a couple hundred planets all coexisting together.” Which Teyla hadn’t been able to make sense of, but she was used to that, after several years of living with the expedition.

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Light Me Up [SPN]

Dean plans the day with all the precision and care usually dedicated to a large-scale military assault, scoping out not just the predicted weather conditions (muggy, overcast) and the parade route (four blocks over from the place he and Sam are squatting in; there’s a stretch of five houses that’ll be empty the day of, so they can set up there for decent seats), but also local church potlucks, which towns have the best firework displays and when, and whether or not Dean can get his hands on some pyrotechnics of his own (a milk-crate full, in lieu of a week’s under-the-table payment at the local body shop; good thing peanut butter’s cheap).

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Out on a Limb [SGA]

There’s an art to climbing trees. Ronon learned it from one of his cousins, in the early, heady days when Sateda could still pretend to itself that all was well. His body remembers the reach and swing, how to cling with knees and legs so the hands are free to grab–though he wishes in passing for the bare and calloused feet of his childhood.

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