Fanfiction – Miscellaneous

My first piece of fanfiction, recently uncovered after years of merciful burial, was a Mary Sue X-Men story–followed by similar Avengers and Batman Beyond stories. All of them unfinished and without any redeeming value whatsoever; after taking a moment to laugh at my youthful folly, I chucked them in the trash can.

I think I’ve learned a bit since those early days. At the very least, I can promise no Mary Sues except the canonical ones.

[Bible] While Shepherds Watched. The first Christmas. [lj]

[Bible] Whereat the Infant Lay. For this one night, the sheep will guard themselves. [lj]

[Discworld] Inside of a Dog. Angua and Carrot on a stake-out [lj]

[Dr. Who] Once (and Many Times) Upon a Midnight Clear.  The Doctor and a birth. [lj]

[Dr. Who] Yet To Come the Distant Close. The Doctor doesn’t go to Bethlehem this time. [lj]

[Dr. Who] Good Morrow, Masters All. The Doctor, at the stable door. [lj]

[Greek Myth] Prometheus In Stasis. The clock ticks slowly down toward his release. [lj]

[Harry Potter] As Alcestis. The Greek tastes like nothing, and she is dimly surprised, having expected it to taste of ashes and the grave. [lj]

[The Itibar of Ilm] The Ilm of Itibar. Life lived as a reflection. [lj]

[Labyrinth] Breakfast Eggs. In which the egg definitely comes first; or why there are chickens all over the place in the goblin kingdom. [lj]

[Labyrinth] Choices Made. Jareth goes about his business. [lj]

[Peter Pan] That March With Muffled Drum. Of course Wendy let them go. [lj]

[Peter Pan] Preserve Your Memories. Peter Pan and Jane and flying. And the past. [lj]

[Shakespeare – King Lear] Sweet Cordelia. Lear loved her best of all, but she died anyway. [lj]

[Shakespeare – Twelfth Night] Or What You Will. Olivia and Sebastian, after. [lj]

[Shakespeare – The Winter’s Tale] Best for Winter. Mamillius tells a story. [lj]

[Shakespeare – The Winter’s Tale] Neither Malice Nor Matter. Leontes doesn’t want to see this. [lj]

[Stargate: SG-1] Stories of Gods and Heroes. In a former age, they would have been the stuff myths were made on. [lj]

[Stargate: SG-1] Farewell to Candide. Optimism is bound up in faith, and Sam finds it hard to have either, sometimes. [lj]

[Stargate: SG-1] Agent of Influence. Jack in Washington, D.C. [lj]

[Song of Roland] Discretion. Oliver worries, sometimes. [lj]

[Song of Roland] Envy. In which Roland doesn’t read fanfiction and Oliver can’t balance the checkbook. [lj]

[Star Trek] Most Illogical. Spock and Kirk and a super secret mystery crossover character. [lj]

Five Things:

[Batman] Five Books On Bruce Wayne’s Bedside Table. [lj]

[Batman] Five Ways Bruce Wayne Envies Clark Kent. [lj]

[Batman/Sherlock Holmes] Five Ways Batman and Sherlock Holmes Never Met. [lj]

[Batman; Peter Pan; SGA; Song of Roland] Five Ways Various Characters Deal With Ill-health. [lj]

[Burn Notice] Five Ways Mike’s Life is Different Since He Got ‘Burned’. [lj]

[Discworld] Five People Who Fell In Love With Carrot. [lj]

[Discworld/Batman; Burn Notice; Doctor Who; SGA] Five People Death Picked Up Who Didn’t Go Quietly. [lj]

[Doctor Who] Five Things the Doctor Has an Irrational Fear of. [lj]

[Doctor Who/Supernatural] Five Times the Doctor Encountered Angels and/or Castiel. [lj]

[Stargate: SG-1] Four Things Jack Wished He Hadn’t Touched (and One He Did). [lj]

[Stargate: SG-1] Five SG-1 Team Nights (In or Out). [lj]

[Stargate: SG-1] Five Earth Customs Vala Can’t Understand. [lj]