More about masks [original]

{an interstitial from Wrought Iron’s Men of Might no. 4}

There were two associations: the general, underfunded, overworked, possibly somewhat illegal Heroes Association, and the photo-op palooza that was the League of Avatars. But really, photo-ops were about all the latter did, while the former was more of a phone-tree for when someone had a problem they couldn’t solve on their own.

(Nobody really like the name “Heroes Association”, since, as Phooka pointed out with some bitterness, legally most of them were mere vigilantes. Hortense, who had wound up as de facto chairman because she was the only one with a voice strident enough to get everyone’s attention, countered that all the other options either sounded stupid or were already taken. “Just be glad the initials don’t spell out anything rude,” she told him, and turned to the next item on the agenda. Of course, three weeks later someone somehow got wind of the whole thing and took out a full page ad in several of the national newspapers, captioned ‘HA. HA. The Heroes Association is a big joke.’

But the joke was on whoever put out the ad, as the general public was utterly unaware of the HA, and so dismissed the whole thing as a prank.)


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