sweep of the sea [sga]

{for violeteyedcat: SGA and the sea around Atlantis}

Ronon grows up in a city surrounded by fields and forests, the closest body of water a single river wending its slow way through the countryside. His family goes to the ocean only once, a trip taking almost a day and a half, and memorable largely for the number of fights between his siblings. But he will always remember the limitless expanse of sea and sky—and how almost frightened he is by it.

Later, after having spent seven lifetimes running from planet to planet, forest to field to village and back again, he finds himself in a city that isn’t supposed to exist anymore. When he looks out his window—and he isn’t sure what that means anymore, to have something, some place belong to him—he sees only ocean and sky, and that should frighten him, he thinks. But instead there is something comforting about the empty, endless horizon. You are safe here, it seems to say. Here, you are safe.


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