5 sg-1 team nights (in or out) [sg-1]

For sg1_five_things prompt 32.01.

1. Taking Teal’c to see The Phantom Menace

(“How did Jar-Jar manage to survive the battle? He should have been dead at least five times by my count.”

“‘Providence protects children and idiots.’ Providence in this case being George Lucas.”

“Tested that, have you, Jack?”

“Ha ha, Daniel.”

“Who was this Qui-Gon Jinn? Did not Obi-Wan claim Yoda as his master in the fifth episode?”

“Don’t expect continuity from Hollywood, Teal’c. That way lies only disappointment. Big time.”)

2. Cassie’s thirteenth birthday party

(“I can’t believe you got her another baseball glove.”

“She’s a growing kid, Daniel.”

“Sir, I think his point is that Cassie plays soccer.”


3. Jack’s moving-to-DC party

(“I still can’t quite believe you’re leaving for the Pentagon. No offense meant, but I can’t really imagine you making nice to all the politicians.”

“Who said anything about ‘making nice’? Hey, pass me another beer, would you?”

“It seems an odd thing, to reward a warrior by putting him where he can no longer do battle.”

“Oh, I’ll have plenty of battles, T. They’ll just take place over cocktails instead of inside ha’taks.”)

4. Movie night at Mitchell’s

(“Let’s watch Independence Day and mock the script writers.”

“No, that’s too much like work. Let’s watch the one with all the bunnies.”

“‘All the bunnies’? Vala—”

“Doesn’t matter. I told Teal’c he could pick it tonight.”

“So, Humphrey Bogart?”

“I’m betting The Maltese Falcon. Again.”

“Hey, Sam Spade is pretty cool, even if his name’s kind of stupid.”)

5. Thor’s wake

(“I still can’t believe the little guy’s gone.”

“I still can’t believe the Asgards gave us all that stuff.”

“Yeah? Well, I can’t believe Teal’c still won’t tell us exactly what happened.”

“It is not mine to tell.”

“I can’t believe Jack didn’t go to say goodbye.”

“I had the flu, Daniel! I couldn’t walk down the hall to the bathroom, let alone travel to another galaxy. Besides, you know how bad people around here are at staying dead.”

“Asgard’s not exactly ‘around here’.”



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