Jumping the Rails [SPN]

What did you do, Sam doesn’t ask after the graveyard, after the bullet and their father’s approving ghost, after Dean stops spending his nights in rundown bars and his mornings washing off the smell of someone else’s sheets.

What did you do, he doesn’t ask. What was done to you, what was taken?

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Falls the Night [SGA]

There is (was, will be) a boy running through the grass. Blue sky overhead, green grass underfoot; the boy runs. A rabbit runs also, aware of nothing but the open space before and the boy behind. A dog barks from inside the forest that stretches out along the green grass; barks twice, and bursts out of the underbrush, a brown and white arrow aimed at the rabbit.

And (the boy runs; the boy stumbles; the boy falls; the boy drops to his knees and clutches at his eyes; the boy sees blood; the boy sees an empty field and a panting dog) the boy stops, watches dog and rabbit disappear back into the forest, wonders what just (didn’t happen) happened.

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If / And / Or [SGA]

John stumbled across the not-Tetris game buried in the ‘jumper programming completely by accident, in the middle of a crisis that had him madly scrolling through menus and options in the hope of locating something to take care of giant, impossible metal-eating alien spiders. It later took him the majority of a 10-hour flight, isolated in the cockpit while everyone else played strip poker in the cargo bay, to rediscover it deliberately.

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